For perfect mushrooms you need passion, skill and great attention to detail at each stage of the procedure.


Perfectly clean, unadulterated mushrooms, made possible thanks to a combination of skill and passion
for what we do, every step of the way.

Our thoroughly cleaned products have been through a rigorous selection process. The raw materials are sourced from qualified and approved suppliers with whom we have a long-standing relationship.
At our production site in Italy we continue the process of sorting the raw materials on our hi-tech laser selection line. The mushrooms then continue to the production line for processing to be completed.
Our production process uses specialist technology and tailor-made equipment, with expert staff on hand to continue the processing accurately and precisely.
This symbiotic relationship is necessary to ensure the quality of the mushrooms so that we can guarantee “naturally perfect” taste and flavour.

We believe in the work of our staff who are committed and dedicated to processing natural products.



Expert know-how to ensure accurate selection/choice and close attention to detail: these are our keys to a high-quality end product.


We strive for continuous improvement in order to continually refine the quality
of our production and internal procedures, so that our understanding
and skill can keep on growing.

flexible and versatile

Our production line needs to be versatile and flexible to meet the varied demands of our customers.
We work according to these principles day in, day out.
Building on our long-standing experience and know-how, we are now focussing on the future and honing our skills in everything from production to sales, highlighting the close attention we pay to processing.

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