We specialise in providing quality dried mushrooms
to the food industry

perfection according to bolem

Product expertise is our number one asset in the quest for perfection.

top quality with no concessions

We bring you the mushroom at its absolute best. We are passionate about paying attention to every detail.

precision and care

Granulated mushrooms are processed and cleaned in our mycological laboratory

Our company

Building on our many years of expertise, our business is now preparing for the future with new partnerships and new experiments.

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a top quality product IN ITS

Whether it’s exquisite wild porcini mushrooms or farmed products such as champignons or morels, our quality assessment procedure ensures that you will find only nature’s best in all our product varieties and types. We preserve the natural goodness of the mushroom, bringing it to your table in its purest, untainted form.

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Our products are available in all sizes in dried or frozen form. They have been thoroughly cleaned and processed according to the highest quality standards.

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