A wealth of expertise in the selection, processing and distribution of dried mushrooms

A MARRIAGE OF passion and tradition

Over the years, our wealth of expertise has made Bolem one of the top names in the domestic mushroom sector. Customer approval and trust in Bolem has consistently increased, and the company now counts some of the biggest players in the food industry as its clients.
Bolem is currently in a phase of renewal and expansion, focussing on the future and forging new partnerships and initiatives, investing new capital and experimenting with new ways to develop and improve the range it makes available to the market.


Nowadays, our company is seeking to build on its heritage by developing and refining our expertise, specialising even further in our product knowledge, and paying close attention to the diverse needs of our customers. We have specific objective for each stage of our operations:

In Production: carried out by qualified staff who receive ongoing training through mycology courses. An eye for detail and precision is crucial.

In Quality: we encourage our employees to continue improving their knowledge of the methodologies used and to ensure standards are complied with.

In the Sales department: a cohesive sales team which has grown over time from a simple sales service into a veritable procurement advice team: this is why our customers trust us.

In Administration: we are customer-oriented, responding swiftly and conscientiously to any queries.


Bolem LAB is a joint project integrating the company and the food industry

Nature at its best

We select only the best foraged and farmed products


Cleaning, granulation and pasteurisation to the highest quality standards


We produce both dried and frozen mushrooms

PUTTING the customer first

Tailor-made advice from our customer-oriented sales service

all our products are continually monitored by our mycologist

we produce, select and process high quality dried mushrooms

we provide tailor-made advice on the sale of dried and frozen products.